レッグアタックス&グラップリングハックス ディーン・リスター DVD4枚セット|ブラジリアン柔術教則DVD

レッグアタックス&グラップリングハックス ディーン・リスター DVD4枚セット|ブラジリアン柔術教則DVD

●製作:BJJ Fanatics

DVD 1 – IBJJF Legal Techniques
01 Ankle Pick Take Down
02 Ankle Pick Details
03 Outside The Guard Footlock
04 Outside The Guard Footlock Details
05 Inside The Guard Footlock
06 Inside The Guard Foot Positioning
07 How To Finish An Opponent Who Uses Boot Defense
08 What To Do When Opponent Grabs Lapel
09 Foot Positioning And Transitions
10 Grip Break To Armlock
11 Half Guard Windshield Wiper To Leg Lock
12 Windshield Wiper Footlock Details
13 Straight Leg Lock
14 Hip Turning Escape Defense
15 Omoplata Counter To Leg Lock
16 Foot Lock Defense To Omoplata
17 Toe Hold From Half Guard

VD 2 – ADCC Techniques: No Gi
01 Rolling Knee Bar
02 Variation From Rolling Knee Bar
03 Why Dean Attacks The Bottom Leg On A Knee Bar
04 Knee Bar Finish
05 Kneebar From Top Half Guard
06 Calf Slicer From Half Mount
07 Heel Hook
08 Shoelace Lock From 411 and 50 50
09 Variations Shoelace Lock Pretty Girl Ugly Girl
10 Closed Circuit Review And 50 50 Variation
11 Straight Knee Bar From Double Under Pass

DVD 3 – Dean’s Grappling Hacks
01 Side Control Block Mount
02 Neck Crank From Side Control
03 Spiral Attack On Turtle Plus Armlock Variation
04 Closed Circuit Review And 50 50 Variation
05 Triangle Smash Escape
06 Hammer Lock From Back Control

DVD 4 – The Dean Lister Seminar
01 Bone Grinder Grip Seminar
02 Bottom Leg Attack Seminar
03 Door Stopper Details Seminar
04 Foot Lock Entrance
05 Inside The Guard Foot Lock
06 Outside Foot Lock Entrance From Standing

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