ラクラン・ジャイルズ 高確率に使えるチョーク DVD4枚セット|ノーギ、グラップリング教則DVD4枚セット

ラクラン・ジャイルズ  高確率に使えるチョーク DVD4枚セット|ノーギ、グラップリング教則DVD4枚セット
クレイグ・ジョーンズ選手の先生であるラクラン・ギルス(ジャイルズ)先生が教えるチョーク DVD4枚セット

Learn The Precise Yet Simple Techniques and Tips That Will Allow You To Choke Anyone In Your Gym When Training No Gi

2x ADCC Competitor Lachlan Giles Is Perhaps The Most Accomplished Australian Grappler Of All Time & The Mastermind Behind Craig Jones’ Meteoric Rise and He Shows All Of His Secrets To Setting Up & Finishing Chokes With Techniques & Narrating His Own Training Sessions

Turn your arms into pythons and learn how to squeeze necks like never before! These are the tricks that helped lead Lachlan Giles to being a 2x ADCC Trials champion and podium finisher at the IBJJF Worlds No Gi. Learn Lachlans systematic approach and catch the neck effortlessly in no gi.

10 Finger Guillotine by Lachlan Giles

When you take off the gi, the game changes.

It isn’t easier and it isn’t harder, it is just different… You can’t grapple the same way that you do in the gi and expect to have success. There are 2 major differences: armlocks are harder to get and chokes are easier to get for the same reason:

No-Gi Is Much More Slippery

Not only does he have some of the best entries in the game, Lachlan also has the best tricks to finishing almost any choke. He is not only one of the best competitors there is, he is also one of the best instructors.

Some of the best competitors are not able to breakdown the details when they teach, that is NOT the case for Lachlan.

Lachlan is able to show you things you would never even know existed. His attention to detail is almost unparalleled. There is a reason he is producing world class talent out of Australia. This is your opportunity to learn the best kept secrets of the land down under. While everyone is obsessing over leg locks, you can choke them out.

There is a reason Lachlan is such an excellent instructor, he has a PHD in Physiotherapy and has had 4 peer reviewed publications. Why do we mention his education? Because his teaching methods and approach to bjj resemble that of someone who is very well educated and articulate. The systematic approach Lachlan has is priceless.

And while Lachlan’s coaching is amazing and his ability to articulate chokes in action borders on unmatched, let’s not forget he also sports a stellar competition record:

Lachlan holds victories over some of Jiu Jitsu's household names including Edwin Najmi, Nathan Orchard, Renan Borges and many other top competitors. Just look at his competition resume below:

ADCC Asia & Oceania Trials Champion (2015/2017)
IBJJF Pan Pacific Champion (2016**/2017**)
IBJJF Pan Pacific No-Gi Champion (2016**/2017**)
IBJJF World No-Gi Championship 3rd Place (2017)
Boa Super 8 1st Edition 2nd Place (2015)
Boa Super 8 2nd Edition 2nd Place (2015)
EBI 5 3rd Place (2015)

●商品名:High Percentage Chokes: No Gi by Lachlan Giles
●製作:BJJ Fanatics



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