ラバーガード: THE MEATHOOK BY ブランド・マカグレン

ラバーガード: THE MEATHOOK BY ブランド・マカグレン
10th Planet Black Belt Brandon McCaghren Shows You Every Last Detail That You Need To Learn & Master The Rubber Guard
Whether You Train Gi or No Gi -If You Are Young Or Old: You Will Learn The Secrets To Becoming A Posture Killing, Triangle & Arm barring Machine
Rubber Guard: The Meathook

Learn What Every Name In The 10th Planet System Means – This Video Will Serve As Your 10th Planet Dictionary

Finally, after years of speculation and study, unlock the secrets of the Rubber Guard, the Meathook, and the rest of the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu system with this exclusive Video set from 10th Planet black belt and instructor Brandon McCaghren.

For years, the rubber guard was an enigma for many, only done by those training under Bravo. Now, it’s becoming more and more popular, and it is working at the highest levels of Jiu-Jitsu and MMA. You too can revolutionize the way you roll with this step-by-step system that is safe and effective for any body type, young or old.
Brandon Showing Bernardo Faria The Rubber Guard

Brandon McCaghren says it best when he tells you up front, “If I can do it, so can you!” Brandon usually isn’t the strongest or fastest guy on the mat, but with this effective and innovative system, he’s always one of the most technical.

This 10th Planet instructor and owner has taken the rubber guard and studied it relentlessly for years, finding and refining new attacks and entries, and he is here to share those details with you. As you are going step-by-step through the techniques, also learn how they connect, when each move is most effective, and every strategy that makes this system so effective.

Most common grapplers practice the same few basic guards that are effective in sport jiu-jitsu, but usually aren’t ideal in any kind of ‘real world’ self-defense scenario. Hear in Brandon’s own words why the rubber guard is the perfect guard for defending yourself from strikes, whether on the street or in MMA.

You will never have to worry again about not having a gi to hold after this system shows you how to stay extremely effective off your back. That said, it works great in a Gi too – no one else really teaches this stuff.

If you have ever heard a 10th Planet coach during a tournament, it can end up sounding like a random string of words, but in reality it’s their own personal language that they use to guide each other from attack to attack. Each move is so uniquely theirs that to try to give it a conventional name just wouldn’t work.

This Video Series is your Rosetta Stone to the language they speak on the 10th Planet, as Brandon not only tells you what the move is named, but how it got that name, and how to remember it. Get ready to move from Mission Control to New York, before you Zombie through for a Chill Dog. Don’t worry, that will make sense soon!

One of the most common complaints about Rubber Guard is that you need to bend into a pretzel to make this work. Brandon McCaghren is here to tell you that is not true! By guiding your whole body and gaining good position, you’ll be able to safely, effectively, and consistently find yourself in this system. As Brandon will show you, this guard is a tool that is meant to improve any and every guard, no matter the experience level. Once you’ve been taken through those basic positions, you’ll also see the stretches that he has his students do to keep themselves limber and ready to roll.

This series is the result of a lot of innovation around the same principles that make any grappling technique work. See for yourself what caused these innovations, what problems they faced, and how they found solutions to those problems. Each step will progress you further into your control, until you are attacking double and even triple submissions at the same time! Even after you learn this series, this new perspective on jiu-jitsu can be helpful in cracking other tough problems you’ve been vexed with.

Brandon McCaghren is a normal guy with a serious passion for jiu-jitsu and access to one of the most recognizable and infamous guard games in grappling. Now, Brandon is sharing those details with you, over a multi-Video Series. Watch today and transport your BJJ to a whole new world!
So What's On This Series?
The Rubber Guard On Full Display

-After you see how to safely and effectively lock someone in your rubber guard (no ‘yoga master’ flexibility needed!), learn all the controls and attacks these new angles and hooks create for you. This incredible posture control with an effective series of overhooks makes this position into a buffet of potential sweeps and submissions. You’re going to find yourself in better and better spots as your opponents try traditional defenses, including a slick omoplata shoulder lock entry that has proven itself in EBI and other high level tournaments as one of the most effective no gi guard attacks in the world.

-Traditional self defense logic says that the person on top is probably winning. The rubber guard is built with self defense in mind, making it the perfect position for anyone who is looking to use their BJJ to compete in mixed martial arts or someone training to be able to defend themselves outside of the gym. The danger of being in the “inferior position” no longer exists once you’ve used your body’s leverage to control their posture and begun to isolate their limbs. Brandon takes special care to explain how to account for any kind of attack, bringing you one step closer to keeping yourself safe. This guard will work for you, no matter your body type or experience level!

Hook Everyone Up In Your New Meathook

-While the rubber guard gets most of the 10th planet recognition, the meathook is actually the first position that Eddie Bravo started with, before building out. The meathook is a supercharged control of the posture and the overhook, using your body at the proper angle to keep everything nice and tight. Brandon leads you from beginner introductions to the guard to advanced attacks and traps you can set. You’ll learn how to masterfully win the little battles for space that will determine if you win or lose the fight, how to enter into the guard from a wide variety of more common guards (including closed guard, butterfly guard, z guard and more), and how to proceed and attack once you are there!

Trap And Control In All New Ways!

-As you get deeper into this series you’re going to be finding new and different ways to control someone from your guard. Of all the techniques shown on this set, there may not be any more aptly named than “The Stocks”. From your already solid meathook control, you take this one step further to isolate both arms at once, leaving you free to hunt the submission at will. One time through and you’ll know this move earned its name by looking painful! As an added bonus, check out the neck crank variation will leave you realizing your opponents will need to be the flexible ones, not you.

-Learn to use your body positioning to create more submission attempts than ever, especially the omoplata. Once you have attacked the shoulder, see Brandon take you through the exact mechanics of the move against the joint, and how you can prevent the tricky rolls that can be difficult to stop. Using The Carny position to reinforce your sub, you’ll be able to stop the roll, finish the submission, and even guide your opponent through to any position you want (even including a flashy heel hook!)

-Plus much, much more...

This set is your key to unlocking some of the most intriguing techniques in all of modern grappling. No matter your current level let this set be your tool to bringing your guard game to a whole new level! Remember, like Brandon says himself, “If I can do it, so can you!”

●商品名:Rubber Guard: The Meathook by Brandon McCaghren
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