シェーン・ウィリアムス ウィリアムス・ガード 3枚組|ブラジリアン柔術教則DVD

シェーン・ウィリアムス ウィリアムス・ガード 3枚組|ブラジリアン柔術教則DVD

●商品名:The Williams Guard 3 DVD Set by Shawn Williams

The Wiliams Guard 3 DVD Set by Shawn Williams,The long awaited Williams guard instructional is finally here! Shawn Williams breaks down what John Danaher coined, the Williams Guard. In the second part of the series, Shawn shows you all of the submission possibilities once you have the Williams Guard locked down; From Triangles, arm bars, omoplatas to reverse Kimuras.

Disc 1 - Set Ups

Intro, Main Concepts and History

The Williams Guard Explained

Key Components of Pummeling

How to Pummel

Effective Pummeling Drill

No set up

Pummel with head control

Pummel with head control - with resistance

Pummel with shin control

Hold shin and bridge


Up and Over

Reverse Kimura when opponent is stalling

Switching sides

Hand on Bicep release

Pummel while opponent punches

Punching set up

Disc 2 - Traps and Submissions

Armlock when Opponent keeps Inside Control

Triangle - Bicep to Triangle Trap

Triangle - Leg Shake Method

Leg Around to Triangle Trap

Omoplata - Going on own choice

Omoplata - By Necessity 1

Omoplata - By Necessity 2

Countering the Step Over from the Williams Guard - Low Single

Countering Omoplata Step Over with See Saw Sweep

Countering Omoplata Cartwheel with Armlock


Reverse Kimura

Triangle from the Triangle Trap

Armlock from Triangle Trap

Pummel through back to Triangle Trap

Flow Drill

BONUS Disc! - Near Side Underhook Half Pass
The nearside underhook passing technique is probably one of the most under utilized half guard pass in BJJ. The position is rather unorthodox and goes against everything you probably already know about the half guard but try it and you will soon see why it is Shawn William's favorite half guard pass.



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